Parking Enforcement


The Parking Problem

Like in all large cities, parking is a huge problem in Los Angeles. There are hundreds, if not thousands of cars that are found in one community alone. The heavy influx of vehicles impacts the cultural environment in many ways, one of the main ones being that these vehicles take up a lot of space. Parking has and will continue to be a problem in residential areas.

Most communities have parking spaces that are reserved for many different parties. However this does not mean people will follow the rules. This is where parking enforcement comes in.

Parking Enforcement in Communities

Parking enforcement involves a party overseeing reserved parking areas, and making sure that the people that these parks are reserved for, are actually getting to park there. We offer parking enforcement in communities, as well as for businesses and homeowners.

What are the Consequences for Parking in an Illegal Area?

The consequences for parking in an illegal area can be drastic. The main consequence being that the illegally parked vehicle will be cited and towed away. This will cost them money and time and the whole situation could be avoided if they simply don’t park in restricted areas.

Generally, local governments will always strive to make sure that there is ample parking space for people to park in, so there shouldn’t ever be a reason to park in restricted areas.

Is this Legal?

Yes, we can promise you that our services are completely legal. You can trust that if someone parks in a restricted area, that we have full rights to tow their car away. Of course, before the car is towed away, violation reports as well as digital photos will be taken as proof that they were indeed, breaking the law.

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